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Traditional websites are always evolving, and you will need new ways to engage your customers. Video with audio will communicate information quickly and more effectively than reading text on a screen. Film is emotionally involving, and static text can't compete in effectiveness. People spend an average of 5 1/2 hours online either on their computers, laptops, mobile devices or tablets. The average time visitors spend on static websites is only a few seconds. By incorporating video, you'll engage your audience and keep them on your website longer. This will give you a better chance at earning their business. A wonderful benefit will also come in the form of higher rankings in search engine placement because of the longer visit times and media content added to your website. Video engages visitors, which in turn leads to conversions and a great ROI. According to Internet Retailer, visitors who view product videos online are 85% more likely to make a buying decision. A well-produced video should not only be used on your website but also on other channels such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. to further enhance both your brand and SEO efforts. Call us today for a specialized quote.

Video is the king of content now on the web. Customers are more prone to watch a short video commercial about your property than reading a bunch of text on screen. Additionally search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing give priority to websites which show videos to better discribe the terms searched for. This is free SEO simply by adding a video to your website.


Photo Montage

Our photo montage video will be made using the high quality still images we've taken of your property. It will include the following:

  • Multiple transition affects
  • Custom text overlays
  • Background Music
  • Up to 3 mintues long
  • Uploaded to YouTube
  • Business contact info added
  • Professional voiceover add-on +$100

Basic Video Package

This package consists of real video footage taken with high-definition cameras using professional tripods, mounts, stands, and sliders. Adobe editing software is used to create custom videos to further engage your audience. High quality still images are used in conjunction with this package to optimize lighting conditions for smaller interior spaces.

Drone Footage

Professional Video Package

When television commercials are needed, this is the package to choose. We will create a custom video for your project, and this option consists of what your budget may cover. Multiple location shots, acquiring B roll, specialized equipment, etc. Everything is dependent upon budget.

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